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About Robert Newton!

In the beginning...

I started off as a gamer, eager to test video games when I grew up. I jumped online and soon realized that I actually want to be a programmer, not a game tester. So I started purchasing and reading (yes, the whole book) self-teach game programming books. From this, I learn about what goes into game programming. So at the age of 17 I got my GED and started going to college. While going to college for Computer Information Systems, I quickly change my mind and decide I want to do something else.

Web Development:

I jumped into learning about creating web pages and learn about the programming behind the scenes of websites (PHP, ASP.NET VB and C#, etc...). I created multiple website for myself and for my family. One of the teachers enjoyed one of my websites so much, she used it in future classes as an example of the possibilities. During this time, I start looking for game testing internships and ended up finding one for a Christian game company. So I contact the person that post the article and he ends up allowing me to work for him. I tested games and decided a year later that I wanted to do something else.


I asked Tim (the gentleman that post the article) if there was anything else I could do. Tim then told me he was in need of a game producer. I told him I would be willing to help with it if he could teach me how. He then started teaching me all about producing and I became the producer I am today. In the time since, I have graduated college with my Associates degree in Web Information Systems and have been actively looking for a job. Today I can do anything from testing games (6 years of experience) to Producing games (5 years of experience) to web development (7+ years of experience). If you would like to know more about me, what I have done, and what I am willing to do, continue clicking around my site and even shoot me an email or two. Thanks for your time and God bless!